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HR, Where's Your Sense of Humor?

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It’s no wonder that human resources (HR) professionals don’t run out of the office every day screaming the chorus of Marvin Gaye’s acclaimed hit “Mercy, Mercy Me.” Dealing with negative co-workers, management failures, involuntary terminations, conflict resolutions, bad bosses and surprise mergers and acquisitions are among the top 10 issues that are on HR’s daily list of things to do. The sheer complexity of these issues have left people believing that HR professionals can’t possibly have a sense of humor when the list consists of serious matters that would make other professionals runaway and never return to work.


Hence Carol McBride’s inspiration for HR, Where’s Your Freaking Sense of Humor?, which is the first in a series of anecdotal creative nonfiction books about HR follies based on her personal experiences over the course of her 20 year HR career. She also draws inspiration from HR mentors, colleagues and friends who were there on the days when she faced HR issues and situations that were complex, mindboggling, heart-wrenching and downright treacherous. When asked how she navigated through the unique but trying situations and challenges, she simply states, “with a respectful sense of humor, of course.”


Each chapter is filled with moments that she believes all HR professionals, despite their tenure, can relate to and draw inspiration from or simply look back (or forward) and know that they are not alone on this tumultuous emotional HR roller coaster. Her mission is to alert HR professionals near and far that it’s perfectly acceptable to have a sense of humor, even when dealing with some of the most serious HR dilemmas and drama queens and kings.


Also included in each chapter are McBride’s real-world experiences, industry statistics, quotes from subject matter experts, HR best practices, and recommendations on how to navigate through challenging HR situations. As an added bonus, McBride also includes hilarious cartoon illustrations that depict situations in the chapter to further invoke laughter and capture her humor.


McBride’s goal and hope for readers is that they will laugh, when the situation may make them feel like crying or giving up and throwing in the HR white towel. She wants to encourage HR generalists, specialists, business partners, analysts, directors and vice presidents to stay in the ring but remember to return to their respective corners (better known as HR colleagues, chapters, associations, or self-help groups) for words of encouragement.


You see, HR professionals are among the best cut men and women in the business, and they will have plenty of Vaseline and Band-Aids to mend those proverbial cuts to the heart and confidence. Once the wounded are on the mend, compassionate HR professionals will advise their colleagues to get back in the ring and keep fighting for their internal customers (i.e. employees) that depend on them to fight all 12 rounds everyday.

Readers will discover:

  • It is absolutely acceptable to have a sense of humor in HR.

  • How far HR has evolved–we’ve come a long way, baby! 

  • There is no such thing as a typical day in HR–so they must keep hands, arms, and legs inside the HR roller coaster ride at all times for safety purposes.

  • That demanding a seat at the decision-making table is not optional. It's required. So don’t forget the dinner napkin for notes!

  • Why every HR professional needs at least one HR mantra to combat the impulse to wave the white surrender flag when the next BIG company initiative is announced.

  • That HR professionals are known for being motivational fire starters -- so knowing the location of the nearest fire extinguisher is crucial because once they ignite the “you can do it” fire inside an employee, it may not be extinguishable by water.

  • How simple modifications to employee policies and best practices can keep their companies out of court and help avoid threats by employees to sue the company.



McBride presents technical HR topics in a non-technical way and makes this humorous and easy-to-read 122-page book more like a personal memoir with a happy ending. A comprehensive list of HR acronyms, lingo and resources round out HR, Where’s Your Freaking Sense of Humor? to make it the conversation starter for future HR meetings, seminars and roundtable discussions. 

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