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Speaker Topics

Career Readiness: Are You Ready for Your Next Freaking Chapter?

The market has forced companies to rethink strategies and adjust to the new normal. The new normal comes with the looming threat of company budget cuts and mergers and acquisitions which can result in unexpected layoffs and staff reductions. Learn actionable strategies to ensure you are freaking ready despite the uncertainty of job security. During this presentation Carol will features simple techniques that will ensure you retain power over your career.

The Motivation Factory

Who do you turn to for motivation? In today’s competitive workplace, motivating and challenging employees to reach their highest potential can often seem like an uphill battle. Carol delivers an inspiring talk about how HR professionals can motivate self and employees to be freaking great through the power of mantras and innovated team building exercises.

I Want to Be An HR Rock Star!

Choosing a new career in human resources can be a daunting task and lead to pressure cook anxiety if you are not careful. Carol demystifies the different facets of HR using her unique and self-acclaimed HR Wheel as guide for professionals who are interested in becoming an HR rock star. Carol peels back the HR onion so those choosing to join the ranks of the 1 million HR professionals in the U.S. can choose HR as a lifelong career with confidence.

The HR Lady with a Freaking Sense of Humor

The highly anticipated release of HR, Where’s Your Freaking Sense of Humor? is coming soon to a bookstore near you! Invite Carol to take you through a freaking hilarious chapter by chapter journey of her new anecdotel creative nonfiction book. She shares real-life HR experiences with a high dose of humor and wit. She promises to motivate, inspire and engage the audience and leave them rolling in the aisle and sharing their own HR follies.


I greatly enjoyed the presentation (Career Readiness - Are you ready for your next freaking chapter?) - insight on successful job search tips and tricks and on how to get what we really want was appreciated - thank you very much Carol!  Women Energy Network Member

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