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About Carol McBride

My role as the Managing Partner of The Carol McBride Group, LLC is to effectively manage the company for the primary purposes of publishing my creative anecdotal non-fiction human resources books. I’m responsible for achieving company goals and client satisfaction for the company.  I’m known for my ability to generate successful HR outcomes in industries ranging from healthcare to environmental science to technology to oil and gas services. I have an impressive reputation for being a strategic change agent, inspiring facilitator and motivational speaker.  I have been praised for my innate ability to understand complex HR topics and translate content into laymen’s terms for audiences of all types. 


I have made numerous public speaking and personal appearances at various notable events in Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas. I also appeared on the American quiz show “You Bet Your Life,” and was a special guest on the “Jenny Jones” show where I was recognized for my accomplishments as Miss Black Colorado, USA.


Hi, I’m Carol McBride, Founder and Managing Partner of The Carol McBride Group, LLC (CMG) and the author of HR, Where’s Your Freaking Sense of Humor? I'm so glad you dropped in to learn more about me and my freaking sense of humor!





I am a native of Denver, Colorado and attended primary and secondary schools in the neighboring communities and graduated from George Washington High School.  

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business degree with a concentration in Human Resources (HR)  and have worked as a HR professional for more than 25 years. I am also a Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) specializing in Global Health and Welfare, Retirement, and Pension. 


During my 25-year tenure in HR I have demonstrated my ability to exceed entrepreneur and corporate objectives in a variety of senior and executive level management and entrepreneurial roles.



"Carol is the consummate Pro in an area critical to most companies - Employee Benefits! Be it the competitive and efficient design of total benefits or the all important area of benefits administration and communications, Carol is among the best. Positive in her approach and diligent in dealing with individual employees best describes Carol."


Scott Smith

Human Resources Excecutive

Want to know more freaking interesting details about me?
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